S180, that's (re)building....

At S180 we like to listen to your questions, to distill the right needs from them and find the appropriate solutions for them, within your budget. Often the outcome is much better than you initially thought possible.
A property never stands alone. We always consider where it lies and how the environment can contribute positively to your property - and vice versa. For example, the right design provides an impressive view and beautiful light, as well as cooling, water infiltration into the soil and contributing to biodiversity with the right native plants. Thus, your building is in harmony with its surroundings.
People are passers-by - even in a building. We encourage our clients to build as sustainably and circularly as possible, for themselves and for the generations that will inhabit the building after them. Thus, we prefer to build with a support structure that is independent of the layout and with natural and recycled materials. This makes for surprising, future-proof designs.
We adopt a flexible attitude and dare to shift gears when unexpected circumstances arise. When raw material prices rise, we look for out-of-the-box solutions to meet your expectations. Naturally, we keep you informed throughout the process. You can rely on us, from sketch to completion.
We work from Brussels, in Dutch, English, et en Français. Is your project in the city? Then we move as much as possible by bike. Over the past 16 years, we've tackled some 222 properties.

"We laten de omgeving van je gebouw meewerken aan je gebouw"

S180 and N360 arepart of North South

Whether it's construction, remodeling, renovation or landscaping - or you simply need advice on a purchase or choosing colors, contact us. Together we'll see how we can best support you.
Whether it's a workshop where you learn to work with a particular material, a lecture on the importance of sustainable building, a keynote on designing with recycled materials or advice on steps you can take as a government to convince people to adopt a sustainable building process, we're happy to come and explain.

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