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Your (re)construction


Then we explore your questions and create plans tailored to your needs. We think not only from your plans, but especially from your story. And we use sketches and drawings to deepen that story. In this way, we create a tantalizing preliminary design and go to the core together.
In doing so, we use as many sustainable materials as possible such as loam, clay, hemp or even shells. Rest assured, we have the necessary expertise in-house and we follow up the entire process from start to finish with regular site visits. This way you see your project come to life step by step. We are by your side throughout the process, from initial sketches to quality delivery. Of course, you get updates throughout the process.


Then we look at how you can contribute to the environment with your building - and vice versa. We look at what materials you can reuse and thus preserve the soul of your building, which is also positive for the world. The results are often unique designs with a compelling story.

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